Riders Chapters

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6th District ALR Officers
District Chairman: Steve Oder (55) ALR6thDistrict@legionmail.org 727-403-8565

Chapter 10 – Kissimmee - Meets 2nd Wednesday @ 7 PM
Director:                 Jeff Hawk      jhawk1352@gmail.com       407-744-5714
Asst Director:          Joseph Marcheggiani
Treasurer:               Mike Millman
Secretary:               Lisa Brennen
Sgt at Arms:             Rocky
Chaplain:                 Bill Musto
Historian:                James Norgren

Chapter 35 - Mount Dora  - Meets 4th Wednesday at 7 PM
Director:                 Lonnie Cole       lpcole878@gmail.com       352-516-4167 Sqd 35
Asst Director:           Mike Wideman wideman54@gmail.com   352-434-1478  Post
Road Captain:           Don Williams   racerdon111@yahoo.com  352-408-9995  Post
Sgt-at-Arms:             Debbie Wideman  cdickson90@yahoo.com                       Aux
Membership:            Paula Cole         pcole@filta.com                  352-572-3069  Aux
Treasurer:               Paula Cole        pcole@filta.com                  352-572-3069  Aux
Secretary:               Jeff Connelly     jcconnelly@comcast.net    561-843-8451  Post

Chapter 55 – Clermont – Meets 2nd Saturday at 11 AM
Director:                  Dirk Scott
Asst Director:            Paul Fogle
Secretary:                Sheila George
Treasurer:                Cathie Hardine
Road Captain:           John Gravel
Chaplain:                  Colleen Passanisi
Historian:                  Rich Greenwaldt

 Chapter 80 – St Cloud – Meets 4th Wednesday at 7 PM
Director:                  Daryl Bass
Asst Director:            Ed Falkowski 
Secretary:                Karen Arreola
Treasurer:                Elizabeth Nelson
Sgt @Arms:                Ed Palkovic

Chapter 183 – Fern Park
Director                       Pete Drennan
Asst Dir                       Mike Kirby
Secretary                     Terri Drennan
Treasure                      TK Wildrick
Sgt At Arms                Garland Huggins
Chaplain                     Danna Bradford
Road Cpt                     Mike Kirby
Historian                     Don Morrison
Asst Rd Cpt                Mike Terry

 Chapter 219 – Fruitland Park – Meets 4th Wednesday at 7 PM
Director:                 Gary Towne
Asst. Directors:         Chuck Farren & Jim Scott
Secretary:                Kathy Parrish
Treasurer:                Rick Bedson
Sgt. at Arms:             Ron Kessler
Historian:                 Toni Stainbrook
Chaplain:                  Penny Russel
Road Captain:

Chapter 242 – East Orlando – Meets on 4th Wednesday at 7 PM
Director:                 Joe Willis
Asst Director:          Jenny Cole
Treasurer:               Bill Mason
Secretary:               Michelle Cole
Sgt at Arms:             Lou Capolupo
Road Captain:           Lenny Cole
Chaplain:                 Cindy Brunat
Historian:                 Alexis Von Dyke

Chapter 286 - Pine Castle - Meeets on 1st Monday of the month
Rider Director: David Geiger  jdgeiger97@gmail.com  - 727-434-1137
Asst. Director: Jamald Mattis  jayz5723@gmail.com  - 407-4937400
Secretary: Susan Kerlin  susan.kerlin@gmail.com - 407-739-4386
Treasurer: Barry Breckon  hogsales@gmail.com - 321-368-7466
Sgt. at Arms: Wendy  Hoffman  Person wjhp858@aol.com - 954-649-3206
Chaplain: Davey Kemper  kemperdavey.13@gmail.com - 407-467-5576
Quarter Master / Membership: Debbi Aubee  duaubee19@gmail.com - 407-535-5371
Road Captain: Toler Stawisznski (Big Tony) harleyrider245@gmail.com - 407-405-8373

Chapter 331 - Orlando
Director:                  Marvin Sims
Asst Director:            Roosevelt Carter
Adjutant:                 Joseph A. Washington
Treasurer:                Edward Johnson
Sgt at Arms:              Lavoctris Patterson & Treymane Bunkley
Road Captain:           Calvin Greer
Chaplain:                   Bruse Heard

Chapter 347 – Lady Lake
Director:                  Michael Haynes
Asst Director:            Bill Lynn
Secretary:                 Betty Martin
Treasurer:                 Daniel Martin
Sgt at Arms:              Craig Bonifant
Chaplain:                  James Dollin